Who is Esco Jouléy?

  I graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy as well as Penn State University with a Major in Integrated Arts and a Minor in Dance. Originally from Washington DC, I had the opportunities to sing for President Bush, Mezzo Soprano Denise Graves, perform at the Kennedy Center and Constitution Hall. I have won such awards as the Robert J. Prindle and Doris P. Prindle Memorial Award and the Lauren M. Becker Memorial Award in Creative Arts. 

Favorite Roles

  • Porthos- The Three Musketeers 
  • Ensemble- Runaways
  • Betty Jean- The Marvelous Wonderettes
  • Warrior- Bewolf
  • Sancho Panza- Man Of LaMancha 
  • Billie Dwyer- Unnecessary Farce

Being Non- Binary: Preferred Pronouns Ze/ Zim/ Zir/ Zirs/ Zirself

Non-Binary- describes any gender identity which does not fit the male and female binary.

The journey to becoming who I truly am is one that I would not change and I continue to explore. Getting to know myself has made me a better performer and a more creative human being. I enjoy playing people in whatever form that might be.  My journey has not ended and I look forward to the changes and lessons I will learn and go through. 

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